Ten years in, Firefox fights on — now against Google and Apple

by Stephen Shankland,  CNET

For Mozilla, the last decade has been like Hercules slaying the hydra: cutting off one head meant two others sprang into its place.

But instead of fighting mythical beasts with a sword, it’s been fighting the computing industry’s dominant powers with its Firefox Web browser.

Ten years ago this week, when Mozilla released Firefox 1.0, the foe was Microsoft. With Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser vanquished, though, two more foes have emerged: Apple and Google.

Instead of just taking on a browser, Mozilla now is competing against two operating systems, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Mozilla’s alternative is Firefox OS, a browser-based operating system. The goal remains the same, though: give people choice about what technology they use on the Internet and give them control over their data.    Read the entire story.

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