Smart Meters Won’t Save You a Penny (But They Can Spy On You and Fry Your Brain)

by Chris Campbell,  Laissez Faire

Life without electricity.

Hard to imagine, eh?

Just a few hours of no power is enough to make you realize how dependent we are on the juice.

In our day-to-day lives, electricity is almost considered a guarantee. But the reality is that our power grid is more fragile than most Americans think.

Almost three-quarters of American transmission lines are 25 years old.

And absolutely nothing has changed since 2003, when 50 million northeastern Americans lost power for two full days.

altWhat’s striking is how easily this particular blackout happened.

First, completely predictable high demand in the hot northeastern summer caused a strain.

Second, a few old plants were down for maintenance.

Then came the dreaded overgrown tree limb. Read the entire story.


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