The capture of Eric Frein: How a self-styled Cold War soldier finally tripped up

by Patrik Jonsson,  The Christian Science Monitor

His FBI “Most Wanted” mugshot could be spotted as far away as the New York City subway. But it turns out Eric Frein, the alleged cop-assassin who eluded capture for 48 days in the Pocono Mountains, never left his old stomping grounds before being captured by US marshals around dinner-time Thursday.

For nearly seven weeks, up to 1,000 law enforcement searchers – including federal teams from the FBI, ATF and US Marshals Service – rotated in and out of northeastern Pennsylvania, searching the deep north woods inch by inch, thicket by thicket.

So impenetrable are the woods that searchers might have missed Frein even if he was hunkered only 20 feet away. Caves course through the Pocono granite, many on brush-covered hillsides. Dogs, thermal-imaging cameras and armed-to-the-hilt officers were all focused on the search – yet Frein, who was spotted several times, stayed frustratingly out of reach.  Read the entire story.

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