On Deathbed, Former ‘Lockheed Martin Engineer’ With ‘Top Secret Clearance’ Opens Up About…Aliens [VIDEO]

Oliver Darcy,  The Blaze

A man who claimed to be a former Lockheed Martin engineer said on his deathbed that aliens are real and have visited Earth, in a now-viral video posted to YouTube.

Boyd Bushman, who claimed to be a Lockheed Martin and Texas Instruments engineer, died on August 7th at the age of 78, but left behind a video with explosive claims about possible extraterrestrial life.

“I do have a top secret clearance,” the 78-year-old said at the beginning of an interview with Mark Q. Patterson, an aerospace engineer, according to the video.

Bushman then detailed incidents with “aliens” at Roswell, presenting what he said was photo evidence of the extraterrestrial beings.

“They were approximately four and a half to five feet tall,” he said. “They have three back bones. They’re actually cartilage.”

Bushman said that the aliens had fingers and toes like humans, but claimed they communicated in a much more advanced way.

“They’re able to use their own voice by telepathy to talk to you,” he said. “You walk in the room with one of them, and all of a sudden you find yourself giving the answer to your question in your own voice.”

According to Bushman, there are “two types of aliens.”

“It’s like a cattle ranch,” he said, noting that some could live for more than 200 years. “One group is wranglers, and the others are rustlers — the stealers of cattle.”

Bushman said that the “wranglers” are “much more friendly and have a better relationship with us.” He also said that the alien planet is some 65 light-years away from Earth, but can be traveled to in under an hour using alien technology.

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