Don’t Blame Obama (He Has No Power)

by Chris Campbell, Laissez Faire

The genius H.L. Mencken put it best when he wrote that “every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods.”

We also like the one from P.J. O’Rourke, who wrote…

“Don’t vote! It just encourages the bastards.”

And we can’t forget Twain’s pithy observation…

“If voting made a difference,” he said, “they wouldn’t let us do it.”

Until now, this area of debate has been reserved only for the fringes. The question of whether or not to vote, that is. Or if voting is actually effective in changing governmental policy (the answer? No).

As you’ll see in a moment, though, this debate is slipping into the mainstream. And in a very big way.

To begin, let’s rewind six years…Read the entire story.

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