How ISIS’s Colorado Girls Were Caught

,  The Daily Beast

The Farah girls, aged 17 and 15, told their father they were too sick to go to school on Friday morning.

So the father, 68-year-old Ali Farah, let them stay home as he set off for work from the family’s apartment in Arapahoe County in Colorado.

At 10:30 a.m., the girls called their father at his job and told him they were going to the library. He did not suspect anything was amiss until he returned home that evening and found them gone. He tried calling them but got no answer.

The father of a 16-year-old girl who is friends with the sisters then appeared at Ali Farah’s door in the Highland Apartments. This other father, 48-year-old Assad Ibrahim, informed Farah that his own daughter also had gone missing.

Ibrahim said his daughter had left to catch the school bus at 6:30 a.m. But he had later received a call from the Cherry Creek School District saying she was not in class. He had reached her on her cellphone, and she had told him she was just late to class. He had subsequently tried to reach her again, but she had not picked up. He had grown even more alarmed when he discovered that her passport was missing.

Ibrahim now urged Farah to check for his own daughters’ passports. Farah did so and discovered the passports were gone, along with $2,000 in cash.

Both fathers contacted the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, which dispatched a deputy to each home to take a runaway report. The deputies asked the standard questions, and the fathers said the girls were neither homicidal nor suicidal, were not on medication, and did not take drugs.

Ibrahim made clear to Deputy Dennis Meyer that his daughter was a respectful and dutiful girl of Sudanese extraction. She was anything but the typical teenage runaway.

“[The daughter] has always been a good kid and he has had no real problems with her,” Meyer later wrote in his report.

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