WHO anticipates up to 10,000 new Ebola cases a week by year’s end

by Al Jazeera Staff,  AlJazeera

The World Health Organization (WHO) said Tuesday that West Africa could see up to 10,000 new Ebola cases each week before the end of this year. 

WHO Assistant Director Bruce Aylward anticipates 5,000 to 10,000 new Ebola cases in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone by December, the United Nations’ public health body said on Twitter.

WHO added that in the next 60 days, it will aim to “identify all chains of Ebola transmissions” in those three countries.

Ebola has killed nearly 4,447 people — mostly in West Africa, according to data released Tuesday by WHO, which has called the epidemic “the most severe, acute health emergency seen in modern times.” There are currently 8,914 cases of the diseases, WHO reported.

The epidemic is reaching beyond West Africa, with a U.N. medical worker who was infected with Ebola in Liberia dying in Germany despite “intensive medical procedures,” a German hospital…Read the entire story.

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