Turkey Denies US Claims About Allowing Use Of Military Base To Fight ISIS, Bombs Kurdish Fighters

by DS Wright,  FireDogLake

It seems the Obama Administration jumped the gun on announcing that the US would be allowed to use its military base in Turkey to attack ISIS forces in Iraq and Syria as the Turkish government is now flatly denying they ever made such an agreement. Turkey was previously a noted supporter of ISIS and has always shown a lukewarm interests in taking on the militant group despite being a member of the Obama Administration’s coalition against ISIS. Turkey has continually said it would only agree to fight ISIS if there was also a plan to take out the Assad government.

Though Turkey’s commitment to taking on ISIS may be soft, the Turkish military has shown little hesitation in attacking Kurdish forces. The Turkish air force reportedly bombed Kurdish militants who are rising up against the Turkish government for their alliance with ISIS and refusal to allow Kurdish fighters to enter the city of Kobani from Turkey. That policy has already led to riots across Turkey in cities with significant Kurdish populations. 35 people have died as a result with more likely if the unrest continues.  Read the entire story.

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