Is an Exodus of Ph.D.s Causing a Brain Drain in the U.S.?

by David Wheeler,  New Republic

With a Ph.D. in history and humanities from Stanford Universityand a growing body of researchChristopher Stroop initially expected to find a full-time job as a professor at an American university. 

But as increasing numbers of highly qualified American Ph.D.s have discovered, you can have all the right credentialsa doctorate from a prestigious institution, fantastic references, and even a book dealand still not secure a full-time position at an American university.

So, like many of his peers, Stroop realized that if he wanted a full-time university teaching job, he would have to leave the United States, at least temporarily. He is now a senior lecturer at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. He’s cheerful about his location: “I love that so many friends and colleaguesso many top-notch scholars in my fieldare either in Moscow, or pass through Moscow,” he says.

Stroop is indicative of a growing trend: the “passport professor.”  Read the entire story.

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