Don’t Drink the Tap Water… or the Milk (It’s Not What You Think!)

by Chris Campbell,  Laissez Faire

The fluoride debate is incessant and never-ending…

With both sides citing somehow flawed studies that the other side cited to make their case. So we’re not going to get into whether or not fluoride is good or bad for you. 

There’s actually a larger issue at hand.

When the government adds fluoride to the public water, it’s a medical treatment.

And since it’s extremely difficult to remove fluoride from the water, it’s essentially a forced medical treatment.

Seventy-two percent of Americans who use public facilities drink fluoridated water at the CDC’s “therapeutic” level.

When the government is forcibly treating 72 percent of the population — whether they need it or not — there’s a problem.  Read the entire story.


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