The Inconvenient Truths of Evil and ISIS

by Bill S(Diary),  Red State

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that we must eradicate the evil of ISIS by killing them.  More and more Americans are coming to this realization, including our reluctant President, who has been dragged kicking and screaming into the real world.  I deliberately used the word “evil” repeatedly in that diary – I wanted to make the point that ISIS is made up of a group of evil people who use evil means to try to accomplish their objective of a world-wide Islamic caliphate that they envision will eventually conquer the United States and all of the West.

Those of us who recognize the evil of ISIS as it is accept the fact that there is objectively such a thing as evil in the universe.  Evil takes over where God is not present.  Evil is the absence of God, just as cold is the absence of heat.  When God is absent, evil takes over.  We see this time after time in our world – when people decide to abandon the truth of God, evil takes control.  ISIS and radical Islam demonstrates this – the lack of the one true God in the hearts of the members of ISIS has allowed Satan to fill them with the hate and wickedness that enables them to perform inhuman acts such as murder by beheading and the rape and enslavement of women.  The believers in radical Islam are not following God.  They are driven by a lack of God and the subsequent influence of Satan.  Read the entire article.


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