ISIS Terrorist: We’ll Attack NYC Soon

Melanie Batley,  NewsMax

An Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist has said that the extremist Islamic group has planned an imminent attack on New York City and that his jihadist “brothers” are in the process of finalizing a plan.

According to The Washington Times, Farah Shirdon, also known as Abu Usamah Somali, told VICE News “A lot of brothers there are mobilizing right now… Mobilizing for a brilliant attack, my friend.”

In the comments captured on video, Shirdon also called on President Barack Obama to take seriously ISIS’ intention to attack the United States.

“I hope Barack Obama listens to this message. I swear you infidel, I swear to almighty Allah, we will fight you until the end.”

He also insisted that “thousands upon thousands” of Westerners were “ready right now” to strike the United States, but that ISIS might stop its terror campaign if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “crucified for his war crimes.”

Shirdon, a Canadian citizen who joined the militant group in Iraq, previously appeared in a video burning his passport and making threats of violence against the United States and Canada, according to the Times.

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