NBC Reporters Thrilled U.S. In ‘Position of Strength’…On Climate Change

by Kyle Drennen,  Media Research Center

On her 12 p.m. ET hour MSNBC show on Tuesday, host and NBC chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell, along with chief environmental affairs correspondent Anne Thompson, gushed over President Obama’s effort to push the climate change agenda. Mitchell touted how Obama “will be delivering remarks at the United Nations Climate Action Summit” and “is expected to call on world leaders to follow the U.S. lead on climate change…”

Thompson praised the White House: “I think what you do see is the United States is now coming from a position of strength. The Obama administration has set out a climate action plan, it has promised – it has got an agreement with the auto companies to double fuel efficiency by the year 2025. It is going to reduce carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants, oil power plants by 30%.”

Mitchell cheered the climate change protest in New York City ahead of the U.N. summit: “And what is also so extraordinary was some said 400,000 people marching for climate change action-” Thompson interjected: “I was there.” Mitchell continued: “I’m sure you were – this weekend. And there are protests down on Wall Street and also the moms protesting. Tell me about that group.”

Sounding more like an activist than a journalist, Thompson proclaimed: “Americans are living climate change in real time…there were a lot of moms out there….And the mothers are concerned because they see not just what’s happening today, but they fear for their children.”  Read the entire story.

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