Breaking The Plastic Bag Habit

by Alexander H. Tullo,  Chemical & Engineering News

It was 2005 in Chico, Calif., and Andy Keller was unemployed. One idle day found him clearing his yard of debris and heading to the local landfill to dispose of it. He was dismayed by what he saw. Plastic shopping bags were everywhere, stuffed with garbage, getting…….

picked at by birds. More than a few empty bags had gone airborne, getting caught on fencing and blowing into the adjacent ranchland.

“I had never thought about plastic bags, how many I used, how long I used them for, what they were made of, or what happened to them when I was done,” Keller recalls.

After taking in the sight, Keller was struck by an entrepreneurial idea. He got to work designing a reusable bag. He aimed for something less bulky than the hippy-dippy canvas affairs he would see around town and more like the convenient plastic bags given away for free at the supermarket.

The company Keller founded, ChicoBag, now sells bags that can be folded into pouches and clipped onto key rings. Getting rid of plastic bags requires consumers to change habits. “We want to make it supereasy for them,” he says. Read the entire story.

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