Taking Sides in the Muslim Civil War

by  G Murphy Donovan,  American Thinker

If domestic policy is about buying votes; foreign policy is about buying a legacy.

Alas, most Americans couldn’t find Baghdad or Mosul on a map. And as long as volunteers do the dying, it’s difficult for politicians or Facebook drones to see the downside. So President Obama changed his relationship status the other night, he declared “war” on the Islamic State (aka ISIS), which now includes swaths of Iraq and Syria. Other people’s money and other people’s kids, and feckless American leadership; why should America worry?

The declaration of hostilities is accompanied by the usual Obama era boilerplate: no war on Islam, no boots on the ground, no price tag, and no end in sight. Count this as World War III for Iraq, the “war of choice” that Obama pledged to end six years ago. Unfortunately, Mister Obama’s default setting in the Ummah is Sunni, the very sect that is double dealing, beheading, and winning. The Obama national security crew seems to be gluttons for failure, humiliation, and blowback.

How does Europe and America keep making the same mistakes, taking sides in the Muslim world, and expect different outcomes?  Read the entire story.


One response to “Taking Sides in the Muslim Civil War

  1. Thanks for putting this up, Ann. – GMD

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