Lying on resumes: When business execs go rogue

by Benjamin Snyder,  Fortune

David Tovar, the VP of corporate communications at Walmart WMT 0.67% , had been a rising star at the retailer. One big problem: He lied on his resume. And, unfortunately for him, it cost him the job.

Tovar fudged his biography for the last nearly two decades about graduating from the University of Delaware with an arts degree. While he did attend the institution for four years, he was credits shy of receiving his diploma. Instead of finishing up the degree, he started his career. Until just recently, no one noticed.

“I got a job and never looked back,” Tovar said Tuesday in an interview on CNBC. “I really didn’t think an art degree would matter in communications, which was the field I went into.”

But a routine background check while being considered for a promotion turned up the discrepancy. He told CNBC: “Walmart said they could not promote me based on what they found. I said that the more senior job is the one that I wanted, so we agreed I would leave.”  Read the entire story.

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