Hate on the March

Taki,  Taki’s Magazine

An American friend who is very well connected in Washington, D.C. was telling me he’s worried about Europe.

So what else is new, I said. “No, I really mean it, future generations could grow up under Islamic rule.” It was a John McEnroe moment, as in you can’t be serious. He assured me he was. Let’s see, anything is possible, but an Islamic Europe? Well, Brussels is 40 percent Muslim, and there are 5.5 million Muslims in France alone, with no-go areas in Paris and other major cities. Britain has close to 4 million Allah followers, with thousands of imams teaching hate of the infidel to young and old alike while pusillanimous politicians and human rights lobbies ensure any dissenting Christian voices are stillborn. Would-be jihadists are free to come and go while European border controls subject middle-aged Europeans to stringent body searches, especially if Grandma is in a wheelchair.

Even worse, 1,400 underage girls were left to be abused by Pakistani and other Asian men because the authorities in Britain feared being labeled racist. This unheard-of scandal in South Yorkshire covered a 16-year period, with children as young as 11 being sexually abused and exploited by gangs of Muslim men while the police and elected council officers suppressed evidence of the crimes to avoid causing damage to “community cohesion.” The local councils were warned that something horrible was going on, yet they continued to turn a blind eye, anxious to ignore the ethnic element because of the damage it would cause to community relations. As if this weren’t enough, in dear old Birmingham, there were attempts to impose an Islamic agenda on state schools, with children being subjected to anti-Christian indoctrination, while dozens of pupils were recruited as religious police to spy on fellow students and staff. If the Daily Telegraph newspaper hadn’t exposed it, this squalid scandal would have also been swept under the carpet.

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