Restoring the Second Amendment on College Campuses

by Aristides Lysimachus, Red State

More than 19 million students are set to begin spring semester in colleges across the United States. With mass shootings and individual crimes on college campuses lingering in the minds of parents, students, and college employees, safety is critical and invaluable. But university police departments are admittedly over-stretched and unprepared, endangering the well-being of students and faculty. While some states are rushing to restrict the Second Amendment, others are now restoring it to college campuses and providing an option for self-defense.

Earlier this year, Idaho became the 7th state to enact a statute permitting students to carry concealed weapons on all public college campuses, while 20 states completely ban this act. Groups like Students for Concealed Carry on Campuses (SCCC), which formed in the wake of the Virginia Tech shooting, want Americans to have their rights extended to college campuses. Government officials have created illogical and arbitrary lines of demarcation where it is deemed perfectly acceptable for legal and responsible Americans to carry firearms but illegal for these same citizens to do so on many campuses. SCCC’s intent is to work with legislators and college administrators to reestablish gun rights in colleges to ensure that they are no longer off-limits to legal concealed carry license (CCL) holders. Since forming in 2007, SCCC has seen major victories across the nation too, including Colorado, Oregon, Wisconsin, Virginia, and Idaho.

Everytown for Gun Safety released a long list of supposed school shootings that have…Read the entire story.

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