Lois Lerner vs. Federal Workers Union

by Elizabeth MacDonald,  Fox Busines

Yet another email has surfaced in the IRS Lois Lerner controversy. However, this time Lerner was upset not about tea party nonprofits, but about an IRS employee who was working full time on federal union duties and not taxpayer issues.

Lerner is the former IRS director of its nonprofit unit who has been under fire for targeting tea party nonprofits for extra scrutiny.

In the email, Lerner was clearly upset about an IRS staffer who was getting paid up to $138,136 annually for doing union work. Lerner vented in the 2011 email about how she was blocked from firing this employee, according to Congressional sources.

Lerner wrote to colleagues that she “learned that [an] employee who is assigned to a special project has spent most of the last year doing nothing” but was “reporting to her manager and on timesheets that she has been working on the [IRS] project full time.” Lerner added: “We can’t do anything” about this worker, and instead had to settle for lowering the worker’s performance rating in order to avoid a fight with the National Treasury Employees Union.  Read the entire story.

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