US “terror expert”: Islamic State “not bound by the structures of traditional Islamic warfare”

by Robert Spencer,  Jihad Watch

In yet another attempt to absolve Islam of any responsibility for the crimes of the Islamic State, the hard-Left publication Think Progress has published this piece centered on the wit and wisdom of Will McCants, the puerile and silly counter-terror “expert” who is involved with the State Department’s laughable Think Again Turn Away social media initiative to try to convince jihadis not to wage jihad.

In this piece, McCants is identified as the director of the Project on U.S. Relations with the Islamic World at the Brookings Institution. Now that’s interesting: a recent New York Times expose revealed that the Brookings Institution receives significant funding from Qatar, and in return, makes Qatar look good. Researcher Kathy Gorka noted at Breitbart: “It is a matter of public record that Qatar is a key funder and supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and, indeed, that supporting Muslim Brotherhood parties has been a cornerstone of Qatar’s foreign policy.”

And whitewashing the jihad doctrine so as to keep Americans complacent about the jihad threat is a cornerstone of the Brotherhood’s activity in the U.S. Lo and behold, that is just what McCants does in this piece. Its author, Jack Jenkins, apparently working from information McCants gave him, says that the Islamic….. Read the entire story.

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