Iran to Unveil its Own ‘Iron Dome’ Style Defense System

Adam Kredo,  The Washington Free Beacon

Iranian military leaders announced on Wednesday that Tehran is readying new mid-range and long-range missile defense systems reminiscent of Israel’s Iron Dome system, which destroys rockets in mid-air before they strike the ground.

Brigadier General Farzad Esmayeeli, commander of Iran’s Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base, said on Wednesday that the latest defense systems will go online on September 22, according to comments made Wednesday to Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency.

The missile defense announcement comes as the successes of Israel’s Iron Dome system are featured prominently in Western media outlets. Israeli officials have hailed the highly advanced system for protecting lives during the most recent conflict with Hamas by knocking many of the terror group’s attacks off course.

Esmayeeli, who did not reveal many technical details about the new equipment, said that the mid-range and long-range defense systems will be connected to Iran’s larger military apparatus.

“These missile systems will include combined systems, artillery, and radar systems, other new systems,” he was quoted as saying by Fars.” The long-range missiles to go on display on September 22 are the ones which have been optimized by Iranian weapons experts and specialists.”

As the Obama administration continues nuclear talks with Iran through November, Tehran’s military forces have continued to build up their cache of advanced weaponry, including drones and sophisticated missiles.

Esmayeeli revealed that the construction of new drones and war planes had been fully authorized and paid for by the Iranian government, which is set to see another $2.8 billion cash infusion over the next several months as part of the deal reached last month to extend talks.

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