Why I bit the bullet and finally switched from Outlook to Gmail

David Gewirtz,  ZDNet

After more than a decade living my working (and waking) life out of Microsoft Outlook, I (the former editor of OutlookPower Magazine) have finally decided to make the big switch to Gmail.

I first danced with this decision about 18 months ago when migrating off of a small-scale Exchange hosting provider to Office 365, and at that time, we (my wife and I) made the decision to stick with Outlook. It just seemed to make sense. We’d been using Outlook since we started OutlookPower (before that we used Eudora), and were very, very familiar with the product (both good and bad).

But, as happens every year or so, my incoming email load started to get away from me again, and last week I sat down, attempting to refine my workflow so that I could better manage my correspondence, projects, and responsibilities.

Outlook’s rules engine (the system that Outlook uses to sort and file email, like Gmail’s filters) started to annoy me again, so I suggested to Denise that perhaps we should switch. Denise is change-averse, and also doesn’t really like the Gmail interface, so she strongly suggested I stick with Outlook.

I tried. In fact, I started writing an article entitled, “How I stopped hating and learned to love Outlook again.” Except I didn’t. The Outlook rules engine broke on me… again.

Read the entire article

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