Not amused by Seth Rogen movie, Kim Jong-un vows ‘all out war’ (+video)

Howard LaFranchi,  The Christian Science Monitor

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un is about to become a Hollywood hit – and the pop-culture-loving dictator is so furious about it he’s threatening “all-out war” on the United States.

Pyongyang vowing to incinerate the US is nothing new – such threats have been issued in the past in response to US military exercises with South Korea, say, or to new US economic sanctions targeting the rogue nuclear state and human-rights violator extraordinaire.

But this time the fang-baring riposte follows something that must be a lot scarier to Mr. Kim than sanctions or military exercises – namely a Hollywood comedy in which the baby-faced tyrant is the subject of a CIA assassination plot.

Apparently Kim sees nothing funny about a plot line that has a bumbling American talk-show host and his producer, played by James Franco and Seth Rogen, accepting a CIA proposal to turn their trip to North Korea to interview Kim into a hit, so to speak.

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