The Jihad of Liberalism


David S. Whitley,  American Thinker

In Islamic countries we often hear of the three choices offered the non-Muslim, the kafir, the infidel.   Three choices beginning with convert, pay the jizya poll tax and become a third class citizen or die.   Liberals often employ this same Jihadists tactic with non-liberals.

It is my experience that liberals are far more than simply gullible or ignorant.  Their world view is one of self-deception and self-loathing.  They are political and historical masochists.  They feel so ashamed at the generosity, wisdom, beauty, and success of Western civilization that they have trained themselves to process everything through the prism of masochism.  They are truly Ameriphobic.

This perverted viewpoint allows them to look upon American slavery as the worst of all sins ever committed.   While that period of American history is certainly abhorrent, the liberals were never taught that the slave trade was possible only because of Islamic conquest in the Middle East, Persia, Asia and Africa, and its heavy emphasis on the slave trade.   This human trafficking is what helped pay for the jihad of conquest that fueled the spread of Islam.

Liberals tend to not look fondly on our Founding Fathers (most of whom were true abolitionists), or our Declaration or Constitution.  They tear down America because of our sins.  In contrast, conservatives look fondly at America for her ideals and values, which led to the ending of slavery and eradication of many other historical ills.  Americans are not the dictators of the world, but the liberators of humanity from the hands of dictators.  That is simply a fact!

Liberals have actually taken on many of the traits of the Islamists they so often defend.

America is in decline for this very reason: the liberal population of our country no longer defends her, but is, rather, attempting to destroy her.  Moderates and middle-of-the-roaders tend to follow like lemmings, because they are incapable of processing reality, and cannot discriminate between the rights and wrongs of history, and give credit where credit is due — to the superiority of Western culture, even with all its flaws and blemishes.  There is such a thing as better.  And I, for one, am proud to be an American, and I will defend her every chance I get.  As for our presidents, and the current administration, many of them are not worthy of defense, as they are far more anti-American than patriotic.

Liberals live by their own version of Sharia Law.

They say they are inclusive — yet, when asked about including the Tea Party, or a Republican, or a conservative, they recoil in horror.  They aren’t inclusive and they aren’t tolerant.

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