Gorilla Dust


Frances Xavier Mingo,  Mountain Finch Post

Let’s get this straight. Over the least 6 years, the Democrats soar the annual national deficit and debt, putting the nation’s credit rating, social security system and federal budget at risk of imploding. At least 1/3 of every federal dollar spent is borrowed (or printed out of thin air). More money is owed than the country produces in value in one year.

What do we produce anymore, by the way? Now paying off the debt is next to impossible unless you want to sell several large states (everything and everybody in them) to international buyers. Even if the nation broke even on that deal, the Democrats are addicted to spending money they didn’t earn (and wouldn’t know how to productively create) and would simply place the country back in the same position in probably another 5-6 years.


Over the last 6 years, the Republicans in Congress, with moral support from several states, have tried to slow down the rate of growth in spending. Facing endless vetos from Obama in the last 4 years and a Democrat controlled Congress in 4 out of the last 6 years, they can only hope to reduce the rate of spending growth. Some Republicans openly encourage cutting the actual budget in fiscal year dollars. So, why would the Republicans try to reduce spending growth or even cut spending? Is it because they are evil, hate people and don’t like the country? NO! It’s…

1) …so you people under 35 aren’t indebted to bankers and foreign powers that currently own the debt. They expect to be paid. Some of these foreign nations have more nuclear weapons than us. If Democrats get their way, North Korea will have more than us in just a few years.

2) …so the nation’s credit rating will show some signs of stability and the country can borrow money when it really needs it, like for a true national emergency, e.g., major war or complete economic collapse.

3) …so you people over 55 won’t face a default and implosion of social security. No money, no check. That’s near-term reality for you.

4) …so the ever more powerful “inept and corrupt” federal bureaucracy consumes less of your time and money over non-issues. Maybe you can spend more time achieving your career, financial and family goals (which benefits the country).

5) …so the interest on the debt won’t skyrocket and force the country to it’s economic knees. Just a +1% shift would destroy the federal budget and all the borrowing, printing and re-arranging schemes of the Obama Treasury and Federal Reserve would be meaningless. If you’re lucky you won’t hear a zipper unzip.

6) …so your taxes don’t have to be raised to 100% in the near future. You’ll have to apply for a government grant to eat.

7) …so the unproductive government sector consumes fewer resources. The more resources in competent private hands, the more productive the economy and the more jobs for you people under 35 (and any age for that matter). It’s proven and it’s just common sense.

8) …so the value of your dollar, being printed out of thin air to sustain the deficit and debt, doesn’t become worth less than single ply used toilet paper. Most consumer products are imported. When the dollar loses value, you pay more, a lot more.

Obama wants to stand firm on not cutting spending which he means he supports the following:

1) Indentured servitude for young people. Your dreams and visions are gone. Your hard work is necessary to pay the country’s debt.

2) Ruined national credit ratings. No one will lend to the US unless there’s gullible life on other planets.

3) Social security will be funded by blood from a turnip. Got it now?

4) Whiny bureaucrats telling you what type of light bulb you can use. (Ooopps, been done already.)

5) All tax dollars supporting debt interest payments once the credit markets say no more lending unless interest rates increase.

6) Your taxes will go up to pay for the borrowing. That includes you in the bottom 50%. What meals are you going to skip?

7) Less resources for the competent productive private sector to create jobs and more for government workers to flush in meaningless paperwork.

8) High prices for everything.

He has only been able to get away with out of control spending so far because the US Federal Reserve has been printing money and using it to shore up Wall Street, Banking and US Treasury Operations. The chair of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, and Barack Obama have a symbiotic survival relationship. They have propped each other up. Ben prints, Barack spends and protects Ben’s position. True money only comes from valuable, productive business activities. It does not get printed and distributed just so accounting ledgers look black.

There is only one way to characterize what has happened here. Gorillas throw dust at their adversaries to try and confuse them while they bluff, posture and intimidate. Ben and Barack have been throwing Gorilla Dust at you. It starts off as virtual money, then statistics showing everything is “getting better” and then speeches. Whether dollars, numbers or words, the Gorilla Dust is all the same. The eventual result of this Gorilla Dust is true pain for 90% of the population.

1) high unemployment

2) low wages

3) high prices

4) high taxes

5) no business growth

6) lower tax receipts (despite higher taxes), requiring higher fees and less service

Life is miserable under these circumstances.

1) no freedom

2) no future

3) loads of stress

4) bad health

5) no life

6) no fun

7) no dreams

8) constant work (at low pay with high taxes), if you can find it

9) crime (don’t be left unarmed)

Are you still confused by the Gorilla Dust? Let Fanni Mingo open your vision for you. There are dots to connect (perhaps in another article) but this is what is happening because of the Gorilla Dust in your eyes. As the nation’s debt increases, so does your debt. Literally, you personally are borrowing more money to survive because the country is borrowing more money to survive. This is especially true for the bottom 50% of the economic ladder. As unemployment, taxes, crime and prices rise, it is more and more difficult for you to make ends meet. These issues can be traced directly to Obama and the Democrat’s last 6 year spending Lollapalooza.

Remember, they still want to spend lots more money neither they or you have. Right now, you get the joy of paying debt and the pleasure of dealing with debt collectors. Barack and the Democrats don’t have this issue at all. They shifted that problem to you while your vision was clouded.

What can you do to remedy the situation? Fanni Mingo will help you. First, clear your vision and thinking. Now heed my advice:

1) Do not vote for Democrats for at least 6 years. Perhaps you never vote for them again.

2) Don’t vote, by default, for Republicans. Be wise and pick people with common sense. They could be Republican or another party or an independent.

3) Start a business. This is a good education and you might become financially independent. It will also inform you on the headwinds the Government is blowing at business. You’ll be able tell the orifice from which those winds emanate.

4) Tell the people you voted for to start eliminating laws, rules and regulations instead of passing new ones. Why on Earth do you feel the need to elect people who want to keep telling you what to do and at your expense?

5) Insist federal spending be cut and not just a few billion. The budget is now at ~$3.6 trillion. How about a real cut of $100 billion a year over 5 years, for a start, to end up with a $3.1 trillion budget (in FY dollars at the end of the 5 years)? That seems easy. Maybe this math could be applied for 10 years.

6) Tell the people you voted for to start by getting all the cuts in the first years out of federal government agencies. Laying off the top 25% of these organizations would eliminate waste and improve performance. Some may be closed down.

7) Second, eliminate welfare for the Fortune 1000. No funding for these companies from taxpayers is really necessary.

8) Third, stop growing the social safety net programs. Not cuts, just no growth. A lot of people rely on these right now. Only as the economy grows, people find productive work and prices stabilize can these be addressed.

9) Tell the people you voted for to continue pressuring the federal reserve to stop the endless money printing.

10) Pay off all your debts including your residence.

11) Spend frugally and buy American made. Support your neighbors.

12) Save a mixture of cash, necessary goods, metals and food. Become energy independent.

Rinse your eyes, see the vision, work for that vision and stop putting people in power who work against it. No more Gorilla Dust.

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